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Truly feel Safe With These Home Security Tips.

A timer can help you regulate when you turn the lights off or on in the evening. A timer will turn your lights on and off randomly and functions whether you are home or not.

Put some extra thought into concealing your spare keys. A fake rock or flower pot are simply too easy to guess. Another obvious location is underneath the doormat. This will be one of the first places that a burglar will look for your spare key. The best idea is just to ask a friend or neighbor to hang on to a key for you. If you must keep it elsewhere, be creative with your hiding spot.

Motion sensing lights are a good way to increase home security. At night, the lights will keep things bright round the house, but they are also efficient and cost-effective ways to help your security. Positioned correctly, these lights can make it impossible for intruders to get on your property undetected. Your dog could carry a spare key for you. This is only true if yours in an outdoor dog, or your house is equipped with a doggie door. Just hide a spare house key on the inside of your dog’s collar. Then when you need an extra key, you will be able to access this one.

Don’t leave empty boxes for big-ticket purchases outside on your curb. A burglar may see the box and decide to target you as a result. Remember to cut up the boxes when they’re emptied. Be brave! Get to know other people who live next door and others in your neighborhood. Keep an eye out for their houses, and request that they return the favor. Don’t ignore any gossip either. You could learn important security information, such as if strangers have been lurking around the neighborhood.

Arrange for someone to pick up your mail and remove any fliers from your door if you are out of town. Burglars sometimes place fliers as a means to see if anyone is home to remove them. A flier that hangs around for days on end lets burglars know that there’s no one in the home.

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